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Project Tempest is our pre-alpha build of Starfall, the newest strategy MMOG from Eden Studios.

Disclaimer: This build is a public pre-alpha test. Content may be changed or reset at any time with no notice. Please follow the Starfall Discord for any changes.

If Starfall doesn't load, give it a minute and then try again. If you encounter issues, ping AI Seneschal or AI Arke on Discord for help.

Current Release

0.5.6: Pre-Alpha Release 6 - 6/3/2024:

0.5.5: Pre-Alpha Release 5 - 5/23/2024:

0.5.4: Pre-Alpha Release 4 - 5/16/2024:

0.5.3: Pre-Alpha Release 3 - 5/8/2024:

0.5.2: Pre-Alpha Release 2 - 3/19/2024:

0.5.1: Pre-Alpha Release 1 - 3/12/2024:

0.5.0: Engine Preview - 12/22/2023:

What Is Starfall?

We're building Starfall as a strategy MMOG. If you wished the Grand Campaigns of Total War games had persistent multiplayer with large player counts, that's pretty much what we're about. We're building the Xolotrael Strategy Game Engine which can support the huge amount of objects and processing necessary to make it happen. We're web-first because we believe games should be accessible and it gives us a base to package for release on Steam, etc., later.

Who Are We?

Eden Studios (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arke Industries) has been creating online games since 2007. We started with web-based nation-building games akin to NationStates and Lunar Wars and have since branched out to more RTS-like gameplay with an epic scale.